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MOTO GUARD - The brand for maximum protection of your machine

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With our new brand MOTOGUARD in the MOTEA online shop we offer your machine maximum protection. From mudguards and crash bars to crash pads, you will find a wide range of accessories for the safety of your motorbike. When developing the MOTOGUARD products, we have focused on quality at an optimal price-performance ratio in addition to our many years of expertise in the area of motorbike accessories. High quality materials are used to ensure not only the functionality but also the safety of our products.

Anyone who rides a motorbike cares for and maintains his machine with all possible means. That is why investing in protective accessories such as mudguards quickly pays for itself. With little effort, they can be easily fitted to your bike and thus ensure greater safety. Severe damage to your machine due to tipping over or a fall can be reduced or even prevented. This saves you the annoyance of cost-intensive repairs. In addition, our new MOTOGUARD brand products are designed not only to be safe, but also to enhance the appearance of your machine. Cleanly processed in a simple design, they fit perfectly to your motorbike.

MOTO GUARD crash bars protect machine and driver

Crash bars are the ideal product to protect sensitive parts of your motorbike from damage with little effort. Because they are easy to install, they are responsible for protecting the engine and its attachments, for example. MOTOGUARD crash bars can also provide the necessary protection for the rear of your bike and the headlights. As a universal product or specific to your motorbike model, they must be fitted with absolute precision. You can find original MOTOGUARD crash bars for almost every model in our shop. 

The crash bars can help to protect your bike from major damage. The crash bars can help to protect your bike from major damage. The forces arising from an impact are dissipated by the crash bars and optimally distributed over the bike frame. Since a fall with the bike is sometimes unavoidable, they are a good investment that can pay for itself very quickly. This way you can reduce or even prevent higher damages caused by such a fall or the mere overturning of your bike, which can lead to expensive repairs. But crash bars of this kind are not only advantageous for the motorbike. They can also protect the rider from injury in the event of a fall. Depending on the motorbike model, you can decide for yourself which of the MOTOGUARD products are best suited to your machine. The add-on part should thus adapt to the look of your motorbike and emphasise it.

Be on the safe side with MOTO GUARD

Our products of the new brand MOTOGUARD in the MOTEA shop prepare you and your motorbike perfectly for extreme situations. For example, like tipping over the bike or a fall while riding. Such situations are annoying, but sometimes unavoidable for motorcyclists. With products of the MOTOGUARD brand, you can optimally prevent major damage in these situations. Carefully developed, with high-quality workmanship and extremely stable in design, they offer you and your bike protection even under extreme stress and reduce or prevent major annoyances. 

In the development of MOTOGUARD products, the highest quality of workmanship, safety through functionality and stability as well as accuracy of fit are the top priorities. All this, combined with the focus on maximum protection for motorbike and rider, makes the use of our MOTOGUARD products the right decision. After all, every motorcyclist wants to protect his bike in the best possible way. As our MOTOGUARD range will continue to be expanded with new products in the future, you can always look forward to new accessories for your bike.