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Tourtecs - More comfort for you and your bike

Tourtecs Logo

The Tourtecs brand stands for maximum comfort, improved looks and optimum protection for your motorcycle. Based on years of expertise in the field of motorcycle accessories, the manufacturer Tourtecs is constantly developing new products for your motorcycle. In doing so, the optimisation of comfort and protection of your bike is of utmost importance. Tourtecs products aim to maintain or improve the appearance of your machine and at the same time provide maximum comfort for rider and passenger. To this end, products are developed that are cleanly manufactured using high-quality materials and adapted to the needs of motorcyclists.

In our shop you will find a variety of different products of the Tourtecs brand. The range includes products for almost every motorcycle model, whether Caferacer, Chopper or Enduro, as well as scooters and scooters. The most popular products of the Tourtecs brand are without exception motorcycle tarpaulins and everything to do with your motorcycle seat. Among them you will find comfort seat cushions, seat pads and complete benches. Additionally Tourtecs offers a special service. Here you can easily and comfortably convert your existing seat. The new upholstery as well as the upholstering and de-upholstering as desired give your old motorcycle seat a completely new look.

Tourtecs - The brand for your motorcycle seat conversion

Often the original motorcycle seat is only sparsely equipped in the points optics and comfort. Besides its simple and unobtrusive design, it often lacks seating comfort. Especially on longer rides, this decreases quickly and ensures that vibrations and shocks lead to signs of fatigue. Point-to-point pressure is also generated by poor distribution of body weight. This can cause persistent pain, especially after long trips. A seat conversion is therefore indispensable for many motorcyclists. In this case the Tourtec brand offers high-quality complete seat benches for various motorcycle models and scooters. They are quick and easy to install, so that the conversion can be done by the rider himself. With the new Tourtecs motorcycle saddle, the appearance of your bike is enhanced and your seating comfort is maximised.

But if you prefer to have your old seat rebuilt without having to carry out the conversion yourself, you can take advantage of the Tourtecs seat conversion service. The manufacturer offers the service to replace your old or original seat. You are free to choose whether you only want to cover your motorcycle seat new or whether you want to upholster it as well. For this purpose Gel-Comfort cushions are worked into your seat. Depending on your wishes, you can choose gel cushions for both the driver and the pillion rider. Padded up, the new Tourtecs seat absorbs vibrations and shocks and prevents punctual pressure. In addition, your body weight is evenly distributed on the seat. This makes sitting much more comfortable, especially on longer rides. Due to the nature of the fabric with anti-slip function, biker and pillion rider have a safe and firm seat. To make sure that the Gel Seat fits your bike visually, you can choose the colour of the piping and seams when ordering. In addition, you have the option of having an individual logo embroidered on your motorcycle seat. Thus your new seat is not only an absolute eye-catcher, but also a real unique piece. This conversion is also suitable for motorcycles with lumbar support and models with seat heating.

Motorcycle seat cushions & seat pads from Tourtecs

Even those who do not want to have their entire seat converted will find optimum solutions for more seating comfort at Tourtecs. The range offers a large selection of seat cushions and seat pads for the motorcycle. Underneath you will find seat cushions with gel or air cushions that adapt perfectly to your seat. The motorcycle seat cushions made of lambskin are not only an optical eye-catcher on your bike. They have a warming effect in winter and a cooling effect in summer and therefore adapt optimally to external conditions. In addition, all motorcycle seat cushions and pads have a coating on the underside of the cushion, which promises a secure and firm fit. The advantage of such cushions and pads is their flexible use with easy assembly. They can be fitted and removed as required within a very short time.

Motorcycle tarpaulin - Which size is suitable for my motorcycle?

In our online shop you can find motorcycle tarpaulins of the brand Tourtecs in different sizes. So we can be sure to offer the right tarpaulin for almost every motorcycle model. When choosing the size of your tarpaulin you should of course consider the dimensions of your bike. In fact, it is not only the dimensions of your motorcycle that count. If you have to decide on a tarpaulin size, you should also consider possible luggage and other accessories. Luggage items such as top cases and side panniers, or attachments such as sissy bars can change the dimensions of your bike considerably, so you will need a larger tarpaulin. This is important to enclose the entire bike and to provide optimal protection against wind, rain or snow. Our outdoor and indoor garages are made of robust materials to protect against dust, dirt, weather and UV radiation. Thus, the cover not only protects your vehicle from the weather on rainy or windy days, but also from fading of your paintwork in the sun. Waterproof and breathable, the tarpaulin prevents moisture from entering and condensation from forming.

Waterproof and breathable tarpaulins with wind and UV protection, seat bench New cover with gel insert or seat cushion and pads with anti-slip function - The Tourtecs brand offers optimal solutions to suit your vehicle model. With high quality at attractive prices the products make your next ride comfortable and the look of your machine fresher.