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Xdure - Your new brand for motocross accessoriesXdure Logo

Off-roaders watch out! Those who live the motocross sport with passion will love our new brand Xdure. Brand new in our MOTEA Online Shop we offer you here accessories all around the category Motocross. Every day we are working on new products, which will improve your sport in terms of quality, safety and styling. With accessories made of high-quality materials and a careful processing we want to improve the performance, the handling and the design of your bike. On Top convinces our new products from the manufacturer Xdure with an ideal price-performance ratio.

Under the manufacturer Xdure you will find a selection of products, suitable for your motorcycle model. The range currently includes:

  • Engine protection
  • Cooler
  • and rims

Furthermore, we are constantly working on new products to make the Xdure brand an all-rounder in motocross sports. So be curious which components for your motorbike we will soon develop for you.

Xdure engine protection for optimal protection of your machine

Every motorcycle ride can be quickly ended by a sudden breakdown from your vehicle. Even a small swirling stone that hits the engine can be a trigger. To prevent this and protect the engine of your bike, the manufacturer Xdure offers high quality engine protection. This engine guard is made of robust aluminium and is extremely stable.

Our engine protection is model-specific and therefore exactly tailored to the engine of your bike. It improves the overall impression of your bike and is at the same time absolutely perfect. Changes to the frame or the fairing are not necessary for the installation of the engine guard. This makes its installation absolutely simple. With its value for money, investing in an Xdure engine protector is a must for every rider. Absolutely robustly built, it protects the heart of your machine - the engine. The engine protection prevents damage in case of stone chips, collisions and falls.

Motorcycle radiator from Xdure as an optimal replacement

The water cooler is a central element of the motorbike, which is necessary for a perfect function of the vehicle. If the water cooler in the motorcycle is defective, it can no longer cool the water down to the optimum temperature. At this point a replacement is needed. Such replacement coolers can quickly become quite expensive.

Our Xdure coolers are a quality spare part for the original water cooler of your bike. Because our aluminum coolers are oversized and have thicker walls, they are often more robust and stable than the original cooler of your machine. Since the dimensions of the Xdure water coolers are exactly the same as the original, the coolers can be mounted on the bike without any problems. Quickly and securely attached, our radiators promise excellent cooling performance even under the toughest conditions.

Stylish on the road with wheel rims from Xdure

Besides products for the safety and functionality of your bike, Xdure also offers products for the styling of your bike. If you want to change the styling of your vehicle, you usually change the rims first. Because of their central position, they immediately catch the eye and have a big impact on the look of a vehicle.

Xdure rims for the rear and front wheels can also completely change the look of your Enduro. Absolutely stylish in design, the motorbike rims are an eye-catcher on every race track. The rims are equipped with a variety of spokes. Such spoke rims are especially popular with off-road riders. But rims from Xdure convince not only with their appearance. Cleanly processed, the aluminium rims are absolutely unbreakable and extremely resistant. Spokes and nipples are made of stainless steel.

The rear and front wheel rims of Xdure are the eye-catcher that you have been missing on your motorbike? The rims are perfect for your bike with their many spokes? If you choose Xdure motorcycle rims, you will receive a complete package with your order. This includes front and rear rims, hubs, nipples, bearings, spacers and sealing rings. With the right inch size to fit the size of your front and rear wheel, you can mount your new Xdure motorcycle rims quickly and easily. So in the future, you can use your spoke rims not only safely but also stylishly in road traffic. The numerous spokes in the rims guarantee that you will attract all eyes.

Discover the diversity of Xdure!

Motorcycle radiators, rims with spokes and engine protection with quality and design at optimal prices currently distinguish our new brand Xdure in the off-road sector. In order to meet your needs in the best possible way, we work daily on innovations and develop new accessories for you and your Enduro / MX. In this way we want to be your companion in motocross and bring even more passion to the race track with our products. So come and see the world of the Xdure brand - more novelties will follow soon!