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Motorcycle speedometer for an optimal overview

A speedometer on the motorcycle gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on your vehicle and your driving style and to control them easily. The motorcycle speedometer shows you information on a digital display, which can differ depending on the speedometer. Digital speedometers for bikes usually have a tachometer, speedometer, trip meter and odometer. In addition, digital speedometers can transmit the fuel and gear indicators as well as indicators, high beams, indicator lights and fault warnings via LED lights on the LCD display. Your multifunctional cockpit gives you a complete overview of your current ride on the bike.

In our shop-category "Tachometer" you will find Motorcycle Instruments in different versions from the manufacturer ZADDOX. From the digital speedometer with LCD display, over analog speedometers up to the mini speedometer you are guaranteed to find the right product for the cockpit of your bike. We have LCD digital speedometers, analog speedometers, waterproof speedometers and spare parts with other features. In the large selection you will quickly find the right accessories for your motorcycle model, whether electronic, analog, with display or LED lights.

Quality motorcycle speedometer for absolute reliability

As a driver, you trust the view of the motorcycle speedometer completely. It doesn't matter whether you are driving a car, scooter, moped, motorcycle or another vehicle - you rely on the display in the cockpit. A quick glance at the speed or tachometer on the display above the handlebars gives you the feeling that you are in control. This trust presupposes that a motorcycle cockpit speedometer works completely reliably and transmits error-free information on the LCD. Therefore, the manufacturer ZADDOX attaches great importance to the high quality and perfect functionality of their speedometers for motorcycles.

The speedometers have a compact design, which adapts optically to almost every bike ideally. In order to give your speedometer motorcycle an individual touch, the colour of some LCD digital displays can be changed. Additionally you can choose the LED backlight for some speedometers. Thus a digital speedometer can offer optical reasons for a replacement of the original speedometer in addition to technical reasons.

Installing a ZADDOX LCD speedometer in your motorcycle

Most motorcyclists do not only love riding on the bike itself, but also working on the bike. If minor repairs or "beauty corrections" are required on the bike, bikers are often happy to do it themselves. This also applies to defective accessories such as an outdated speedometer. However, if you want to replace the original electronic part on your motorcycle yourself, you should note that the installation of a speedometer requires knowledge of motorcycle electrics. Should you not be able to handle this on your own, we recommend that you visit a workshop. Here an expert can do the work for you and in no time the cockpit of your motorcycle will shine with a new speedometer.

In our shop you will find numerous motorcycle instruments suitable for your machine and yourself. We convince you with our price-performance ratio and the quality of our products. Once you have decided on a digital motorcycle speedometer or another accessories, you can order it conveniently online and we will then deliver it directly to your home.