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Seat Recover Upholstery for BMW K 1200 S Tourtecs Gel Komfort

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Article No. 179125-0
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  • Seat Conversion Gel Comfort
  • Anti-slip effect
  • Made of matt leather imitation
  • Installation of a Driver gelpad
  • New look for your bench seat
  • Increased seating comfort for the driver
  • New cover for your original bench seat
  • Padding of a lumbar vertebra support
  • Machine embroidered lettering (model, name etc. included in price)
  • Up and down padding (article A040802; A040803) can be added to shopping cart for an extra charge
  • Color of piping tapes and seams freely selectable (silver, black, red, blue, orange, yellow, green or white)
  • Two-piece benches remain two-piece after conversion
  • Note: This article concerns the conversion of an existing bench seat.
  • Achtung: Diese Dienstleistung kann nur innerhalb der EU angeboten werden.
  • Attention: This service can only be offered within the EU..
  • Attention: Ce service ne peut être offert qu'au sein de l'EU.
  • Let op: Deze dienst kan alleen binnen de EU worden aangeboden.
  • Attenzione: questo servizio può essere offerto solo all'interno dell'EU.
  • Atención: Este servicio sólo puede ofrecerse dentro de la EU.

The motorcycle seat modification "Gel Komfort" from Tourtecs, suitable for your BMW K 1200 S

The seat on the motorcycle is one of the most central elements for the rider when it comes to comfort while riding. Unfortunately, the original seat in particular offers little comfort. Its insufficient padding creates punctual pressure on the driver and strong vibrations and shocks during the ride. This causes pain that makes it uncomfortable to continue driving and often lasts even days after the tour. So if you don't just want to enjoy the beginning of your motorcycle tour, you should try to ensure the best possible seating comfort on your bike. This can easily be achieved by installing a new bench seat. Such a seat conversion is not only advantageous for the seating position and comfort when driving. The appearance of your bike will also be refreshed with the new cover. As an essential element of your bike, the seat cover made of high-quality material can give your bike a fresh look in no time at all. The seat conversion alone makes your motorcycle look newer.

With the "Gel Comfort" accessory from Tourtecs, your original motorcycle seat will receive a complete new cover including gel pad for the rider. This saddler's upholstery is made of high-quality imitation leather in anthracite. An additional anti-slip effect ensures a firm hold on your bike. So you have a secure fit during your motorcycle tours without slipping while sitting. The comfort gel insert ensures that the generation of punctual pressure is prevented and strong vibrations and shocks are absorbed. The lumbar support is retained even after the seat has been converted. The original base plate of the seat also remains, so that the bench seat fits 100% after the conversion. So that you can design your seat conversion individually and adapt it optically to your machine, the colours of the seams and piping tapes are freely selectable for you. You can choose between the colours silver, black, red, blue, orange, yellow, green and white. You can also have your new bench embroidered with an individual lettering (name, model, etc.).

  • Suitable for your BMW K 1200 S
  • Completely new upholstery for your bench seat
  • Padding of a lumbar vertebra support
  • Made of matt imitation leather in anthracite
  • anti-slip effect
  • Increased seating comfort for the driver
  • Optional machine embroidered lettering
  • Colour of seams and piping tapes selectable
  • Upholstery and padding can be added
  • Installation Gelpad for the driver
  • New and individual look for your bench seat
  • Two-piece benches remain two-piece even after conversion

Note: This offer involves the conversion of an existing bench seat. You send us your bench, we will rebuild it and send it back to you. To your new cover you can also order an upholstery at the seat of your motorcycle in the same train. This is available separately in our shop (article A040802; A040803).

Order process

After completion of your order, you will receive a parcel label and an accompanying form from us by e-mail. Please tick your desired colour for the piping tapes and seams on the accompanying sheet. If you wish, you can also choose an lettering to be embroidered on your seat. Then send your bench to MOTEA. After the conversion we will send your motorcycle seat back to you. You can also create the package label in the returns portal and stick it on the package.

Attention: This service can only be offered within the EU.

Fits on the following models:

  • Make
  • Make BMW
    Model K-1200-S | 0581
    Year 2004 - 2008
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Seat Recover Upholstery for BMW K 1200 S Tourtecs Gel Komfort
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Seat Recover Upholstery for BMW K 1200 S Tourtecs Gel Komfort
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