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Tank Traction Pad lateral for Kawasaki Z 750 / R / S Zaddox Grip M black

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  • Side tank pad Grip M
  • Higher body stability
  • Protects paint from abrasion
  • For side tank area
  • Strong 3M adhesive backside
  • Universal fit can be cut to size
  • Prevents symptoms of fatigue
  • Extremely resistant surface
  • More control during all driving manoeuvres
  • Special knob shape for better adhesion
  • Dimensions (LxW): 240 x 90 mm
  • Delivery as a set (right and left)
  • Note: The listed models are only examples. Before purchasing, please check the dimensions and pictures to see if the fuel pad fits.

The side tank pad "Grip M" from ZADDOX in black, suitable for your Kawasaki Z 750 / R / S

If you ride a motorcycle, you love your vehicle and take care of it as well as you can. In addition to regular maintenance and repairs, this also includes protection against external damage such as dents or scratches. There are many ways to protect your motorcycle from scratches. One of these options is pads. Thanks to their high-strength adhesive layer, they are attached directly to the spot on the motorcycle that should have scratch protection. Thanks to their textured surface, most Grip Pads, as their name suggests, also offer maximum grip for the rider. This makes for safer and more relaxed riding with ideal grip on the machine.

The ZADDOX "Grip M" side tank pads are a product with high quality, high-quality design and maximum grip and protection. The tank pads are stickers that are attached to the side of your motorcycle tank. Their special nubbed surface provides a better grip between rider and motorcycle. The Grip Pads give you more control on your bike when braking, accelerating or leaning. In addition, the pads contribute to significantly higher body stability and prevent fatigue. In addition to grip, the ZADDOX "Grip M" tank pads have the function of providing optimum protection for the tank of the motorcycle. Highly stressed areas in the knee area of the tank are protected against scratches or abrasion of the paint. Your new tank pads from ZADDOX are easy to attach thanks to their strong 3M adhesive backing. Despite their resistant surface, you can remove them with hot air without leaving any residue if you no longer want them on your motorcycle tank.

  • Suitable for your Kawasaki Z 750 / R / S
  • Tank Pad for the side
  • For tank protection and more control
  • nubbed surface for better adhesion
  • Strong 3M adhesive backside
  • Removable without residue with hot air
  • For more grip in all positions
  • Paint protection against abrasion in the knee area
  • Universal fit can be cut to size
  • Dimensions (LxW): 240 x 90 mm
  • Delivery for right and left side

The Tank Traction Pads "Grip M" from ZADDOX in black are a product with quality and grip as well as protection function for your motorcycle. Once attached they support the look of your bike with their black design. With their universal fit, the tank pads should fit on almost all bikes. If required, you can easily cut the pads to the required size. With your delivery you will always receive a set of tank pads with one pad for the right and one for the left side of the bike.

Note: This Grip Pad is a universal article. The models listed are examples only. Before you buy, please check the dimensions and illustrations to make sure that the fuel pad fits the motorcycle you want.

Assembly - This is how it’s done!

Fits on the following models:

  • Make
  • Make Kawasaki
    Model Z-750
    Year 2004 - 2006
  • Make Kawasaki
    Model Z-750
    Year 2007 - 2012
  • Make Kawasaki
    Model Z-750-R |  ZR750N/P 
    Year 2011 - 2012
  • Make Kawasaki
    Model Z-750-S |  ZR750J/K 
    Year 2005 - 2006
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Tank Traction Pad lateral for Kawasaki Z 750 / R / S Zaddox Grip M black
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You're reviewing:
Tank Traction Pad lateral for Kawasaki Z 750 / R / S Zaddox Grip M black
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