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Accessories for BMW

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Crash bars, side case sets, central stand, and much more. - everything for your next adventure

The right BMW accessories for your next motorbike tour

Everything for your BMW from the exhaust to the matching centre stand

BMW motorbike models have been reliably riding on the roads of this world since September 1923. So that BMW riders can also work on their machines themselves, MOTEA offers the right assembly stands.

Would you like to upgrade your BMW? MOTEA can help you with new grips, brake levers and clutch levers or even new exhausts and fairings for your BMW.

Why a mounting stand for your motorbike? A motorbike assembly stand is a must-have for every motorcyclist. You want to carry out a few small repairs quickly and easily, and a motorbike assembly stand will help you to do this. You want to park your motorbike safely during the winter months, a motorbike mounting stand will help you. If you don't have much space to move your motorbike or want to move it with little effort, a motorbike assembly stand will help you.

Whether you ride a BMW R 1200 GS, R 1250 GS or a BMW S 1000 RR, we have the right luggage solutions for you and your BMW. If you want to get your BMW ready for the next tour, you can find bags, top cases, tank bags and much more at a great price in the MOTEA Online Shop.

Robust and heavy duty centre stand for your BMW from MOTEA

Centre Stand:

The central stand from ConStands is ideal for carrying out maintenance on your BMW motorbike, this stand fits your BMW R NineT, S 1000 R or BMW R 1200 GS perfectly.

Motorcycle Wheel Chock:

With the motorbike rocker from ConStands, you can park your BMW just as easily as a bicycle. Thanks to the integrated rocker mechanism, the front wheel of your bike almost automatically takes its place in the wheel clamp. You can use the motorbike rocker for your BMW R 1250 GS, S 1000 RR, S 1000 R or R NineT.

Motorcycle Jack:

Do you want to carry out simple maintenance on your BMW R 1200 GS or do you have small repairs that you want to do quickly at home so that you can get back on the road with your bike as soon as possible? At MOTEA, we recommend our high-quality ConStands motorbike lifting platform, which makes jacking up your motorbike child's play and very safe. So you can easily work on it yourself - without an extra visit to the workshop. The lifting platform also works perfectly under the heaviest loads.

Paddock Stand Front:

You want to transport your BMW R 1250 GS safely or store it safely? Then we at MOTEA have the perfect and simple solution for you. Our front stands from ConStands are a quick but safe alternative to a motorbike lift to transport or store your motorbike. They are made of high-quality aluminium, which is why they are very light but still very robust. So nothing stands in the way of the next transport of your BMW or a quick maintenance of the front tyre.

Paddock Stand Rear:

Rear wheel mounting stands are a "must have" for every motorbike owner because it makes sense to jack up the rear wheel of the motorbike for maintenance work, repairs or tyre oil changes. Our ConStands rear wheel mounting stands are the perfect helpers for you and your BMW R NineT and also a good alternative to motorbike stands.

Steering head stand:

With the ConStands steering head mounting stand, the front wheel of your BMW S 1000 RR can be jacked up in just a few steps and in a very short time. Thanks to the mount on the front steering head, the suspension elements are not stressed when jacked up. This offers you more possibilities in the area of service and repair compared to a simple front wheel stand.

Single Sided Paddock stand:

You want to jack up your BMW quickly, easily and in just a few steps? The ConStands single-arm stands are exactly the right solution for you. In just a few seconds and with little effort, your bike can be jacked up for various service, maintenance and repair work.

Motorcycle Dolly & Mover:

Have you ever tried to manoeuvre your BMW motorbike in tight spaces? Then you certainly know how difficult it can be to move a heavy motorbike without falling over. But with the help of ConStands manoeuvring aids, this is no longer a problem for you and your bike. The stable rollers on the manoeuvring aid make it child's play to move your BMW S 1000 R, R NineT or R 1200 GS in the tightest of spaces.

Accessories & adapters:

Do you need new tensioning straps or a chain brace, tyre fitting set or extra spacers for your assembly stand? MOTEA offers you a wide range of accessories and adapters to fit your BMW motorbike, whether it's the R 1250 GS, S 1000 RR, S 1000 R or R NineT. Here you will find everything you need for your model.

Mounting stand for your BMW

Adjustable and foldable brake and clutch levers from V-Trec

If you want to upgrade your motorbike, we at MOTEA recommend our original V-Trec brake and clutch levers. With our brake and clutch levers, you have the option of choosing between length-adjustable, size-adjustable or foldable levers. You can also choose between different colour combinations to suit you. We have the right levers for every BMW model.

MOTEA offers you different variations with its original V-Trec brake and clutch levers.

VARIO brake & clutch lever:

The VARIO brake and clutch lever convinces with its versatility, due to the adjustment of the handle length with 6-fold adjustment option, it is perfect for every motorbike rider. So you can adjust the handle to the perfect length for you.

VARIO 3 brake & clutch lever:

The VARIO 3 brake and clutch lever is the result of many years of expertise, making it the perfect lever for you and your BMW. Thanks to the individual length adjustment, there are hardly any limits to setting it up perfectly for you. The lever is foldable and can even be adjusted in grip width with 6 different sizes.

VARIO SAFETY brake & clutch lever:

You want to have a safe riding experience, MOTEA has just what you need with their VARIO SAFETY brake and clutch levers. The VARIO SAFETY levers offer the best comfort, as they are foldable and can also be individually adjusted in length and grip width. Choose your levers directly in the MOTEA Online Shop in the colour combination of your choice.

STANDARD brake & clutch levers:

Whether short or long brake and clutch levers? This is always a question of personal taste. At MOTEA, we offer you the right levers, which can be adjusted and varied in length to suit your taste.

SAFETY brake & clutch levers:

The SAFETY brake and clutch levers are extremely light and stable, and they are also adjustable in length, even while riding. In addition, the levers can be folded up, so they remain functional after a fall.

VX brake & clutch levers:

The VX levers have the same function as the STANDARD levers, but in addition they are not only adjustable in 6 different ways, but as you like. So you can adjust the perfect size for you to get an improved and safer riding experience.

VX SAFETY brake & clutch levers:

Worried that your brake and clutch levers won't be usable after a crash? MOTEA has just the right thing for you with the VX SAFETY levers. Because the levers can be folded up, it is very likely that they will withstand a fall and are still usable afterwards. In addition, you can adjust the grip width of your levers as you wish.

Brems- und Kupplungshebel für deine BMW

Large and versatile luggage options for your BMW from bagtecs


As an experienced biker, you want to take your motorbike on a long-awaited motorbike tour, but you don't quite know where to put all the luggage. We at MOTEA have the right solution for you. With the side panniers from bagtecs, we offer you a great solution for your luggage. The side cases are attached to your motorbike with specific mounting supports to give them greater stability, and they are also shock and load resistant. Suitable for your BMW R 1250 GS, R 1200 GS or R NineT and for other models.

Side bags:

The big summer motorbike tour is coming up, but where to put the luggage? The side bags from bagtecs are an ingenious way to transport your luggage. Especially on long tours, this is a practical and comfortable way to carry your luggage. MOTEA offers suitable solutions for a wide range of BMW motorbike models.


You don't know where to put your luggage? MOTEA offers you the perfect solution with the sporty saddlebags from bagtecs. From sporty design to waterproof saddlebags, MOTEA offers you everything in the shop, suitable for your BMW R 1250 GS or R NineT.

Luggage Carrier systems:

In order for you as a biker to be able to use your luggage solution safely, the installation of specific motorbike case carrier systems is indispensable. MOTEA offers you various carrier systems for your side cases or top cases to match your BMW R 1200 GS or BMW R 1250 GS. The advantage of the carrier systems is that they can also be used in parallel. This means that you can attach side cases and top cases to the motorbike at the same time.

Tank bag:

Tank bags are the quick and easy way to store your luggage safely and quickly. Because they are attached directly to the tank, you can get to your luggage quickly and easily and thus act without much effort. bagtecs has the perfect solution for your BMW S 1000 RR, S 1000 R or R NineT.


You need a suitable and fast luggage solution for your BMW R 1200 GS, R 1250 GS or R NineT? With the topcases bagtecs offers you a good and safe alternative. Top cases are ideal for everyday use as well as for longer motorbike tours. The top cases are made of robust, durable plastic and are absolutely waterproof. This guarantees safe transport of helmet and travel accessories.

Tail bags:

Due to the different designs of the rear bags, some bags can be attached to the side of your BMW R 1200 GS or also on the pillion seat. Since no rigid materials such as plastic or aluminium are used, they offer a much more flexible solution. So you can easily mount the luggage on the back of your BMW R 1250 GS or even on the S 1000 R. With their simple design, they also blend in perfectly with the overall appearance of many machines.


You want to go on your next motorbike tour, but don't want to pack your bike full of different bags. The manufacturer bagtecs offers you the right motorbike backpack solutions. Here in the MOTEA Online Shop you will find backpacks of all kinds. bagtecs backpacks are equipped with storage compartments that can be adjusted on the inside and outside, and some are also equipped with reflective strips for increased safety when riding. In addition, some backpacks are equipped with waterproof zips on the front and sides. So that your luggage always arrives dry.

BMW luggage variants

Useful accessories for your BMW from MOTEA

Crash bar:

Crash bars from Motoguard® not only fulfil a protective purpose, they also look great. Thanks to the perfect design, the crash bars literally blend in with the look of your bike. The main purpose of the engine guard is to protect the frame, fuel tank and fairing from damage by absorbing the force of the impact.

Motorbike headlights:

Are LED lights allowed on a motorbike? Have you often asked yourself this question? We at MOTEA can help you. The EC or ECE test number is important for LED lights. If this number is available, you can use the lights without any further problems. MOTEA offers you a wide range of additional headlights with cornering light function or with clear LED indicators from reputable manufacturers such as Lumitecs®.

Motorbike mirrors:

You want to have a better overview in road traffic, MOTEA has just the thing for you. Namely, the motorbike mirrors from ZADDOX and Craftride®. With their unique designs, you are sure to find exactly the right mirror set for your BMW model.

Motorbike footrests:

Are you on longer motorbike tours and want to rest your legs and feet comfortably? MOTEA offers you the best solution for you and your motorbike model with the footrests from Craftride®.


A suitable windshield is indispensable for relaxed motorbike riding. A wind shield deflects the wind over the rider. This significantly reduces the strain on the rider's upper body and thus reduces fatigue. In addition, it offers protection from swirling dirt and insects. To make sure you find the right windshield for you, MOTEA has a large number of different shields for almost every BMW motorbike model.

Motorbike exhaust:

You want to make the sound of your BMW even more exciting and sonorous. MOTEA is the right place for you! We offer you the right slip-on exhaust for you and your BMW, so that you can attract more attention from other BMW bikers with a better sound and more beautiful design. But what is a slip-on exhaust? In short, it's the rear silencer on your bike. You can recognise a legal slip-on by the EG number.

Motorbike Tail Tidies:

The number plate holders in the MOTEA online shop are all made of very robust and weatherproof material. They have an adjustable angle of inclination and are equipped with indicator mounts. This means that you do not need to make any changes to your fairing to attach them.

Motorbike grips and handlebars:

You want to upgrade your BMW a bit? We have the perfect grips and handlebars from ZADDOX and Craftride® for you. With their unique design, these are a real eye-catcher on the road.

Front and rear Mudguards:

Not only should you be well protected when riding your motorbike, but your BMW should be too. With our motorbike mudguards, we have the perfect solution for you. Not only do they guarantee maximum protection, but they're also carefully crafted so that every curve, line, shape and contour perfectly matches your motorbike.


MOTEA not only offers you bags, saddlebags, side bags/cases or top cases, but also other accessories for your next tour. From handlebar bags, leg bags, luggage nets and tool rolls for short repairs to additional tension straps for fastening your bags, everything can be found in the shop. You're sure to find the right luggage for your BMW motorbike model.

Useful BMW accessories