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Foldable and Adjustable

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Foldable and length-adjustable levers by V-Trec

Foldable and length-adjustable levers offer a huge advantage, as they can be adjusted to the individual needs of the rider. Standard motorcycle levers rarely offer additional functions and rarely look good. Foldable and length-adjustable levers by V-Trec are available in a wide variety of colours and can be selected to match your bike. You have a choice of separate colours for the lever, end piece and adjuster. This allows a wide range of colour combinations. Your motorcycle levers can become real eyecatchers.

Adjustable to your individual requirements: the V-Trec lever

Foldable and length-adjustable levers can be adjusted in many different ways. The handle width can be adjusted. The adjuster allows you to set the distance between the lever and the handlebar grip. The length of the lever can be adjusted infinitely and the handle surface can be altered. Foldable and length-adjustable levers make riding your motorcycle more ergonomic and comfortable. The levers also increase precision, as they can be adjusted to your size.

Police checks? Be on the safe side with ABE certification

V-Trec levers come with ABE certification, which makes them legal for road use in Germany. Warning: foldable and length-adjustable levers without ABE certification are not road-legal in Germany.