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Bagtecs - Our brand for motorbike luggagebagtecs Logo

Anyone who rides a motorcycle is regularly faced with a luggage problem. Especially for bikers, who like to make short or longer trips with their bike, packing is a common procedure and is a firm part of the travel preparations. Here it is important to stow your luggage so cleverly that the little storage space on the motorbike is used in the best possible way. At the same time, the rider and any pillion passenger should be allowed sufficient freedom of movement on the bike.

The Bagtecs brand offers the optimal solution for this problem with its luggage systems. Based on years of expertise in the field of motorbike accessories, new products are constantly being developed to make everyday life easier for motorcyclists. Therefore, the needs of bikers are the focus of the development of the motorcycle cases. They are then manufactured from high-quality materials and cleanly processed. Fine details on the motorbike cases should bring you additional joy with your new luggage. In addition, all rear bags, side cases, top cases, aluminium cases and luggage rolls are equipped with fastening options. These allow you to attach your motorbike cases in such a way that they are securely fastened during the ride.

Bagtecs offers great variety for every motorcyclist

Are you looking for a suitable piece of luggage for your bike? Whether for short trips, long journeys or simply for everyday use - Bagtecs offers a wide range of different luggage systems for every project and almost every bike model in the luggage category. That's why there are bags from Bagtecs in different sizes with different height, width and liter volume. In our assortment you will find rear bags, aluminium side cases, simple side cases, saddle bags and many more motorbike cases. Some of these models have a circumferential lid seal, which makes them waterproof. In addition, the aluminium side cases Bagtecs are very robust and durable. This makes them ideal for the "tougher" use. Side Panniers Bagtecs and saddlebags are ideal for everyday use as well as for shorter and longer trips.

A special feature of the Bagtecs family are the rear bag systems. These are designed in such a way that you can use the Bagtecs rear bags individually or as a set. You can combine up to two rear bags and a luggage roll. So you can adjust the number of rear bags on your bike to your individual needs. The attachment is safe and easy. If you do not need the luggage roll or one of the rear bags, it can be quickly removed. These rear bag sets allow you to make the most of the storage space on your vehicle. With various interior pockets, they also offer space for your valuables.

Bagtecs combines functionality, safety & design

If you decide on a Bagtecs luggage solution, you will get high-quality top products optimally suited for you and your bike. The rear bags, top cases, side cases, saddle bags and aluminium cases from Bagtecs all combine the same characteristics. They are practical, functional and good looking at the same time. The manufacturer Bagtecs aims at the fact that the motorbike cases individually, but also coordinated with each other, enable optimal and individual solutions. This makes them not only functional, but also particularly practical compared to other luggage systems.

Frequently, motorbike bags in particular are large, clumsy and not particularly attractive to look at. Therefore they are more functional and practical for motorcyclists than visually appealing. So that the appearance of your bike does not have to suffer from the rear bags, motorcycle side cases and Co., we attach importance to a high-quality design. The bags of Bagtecs are simple and adapt themselves so ideally to the design of your motorcycle. Thus the bags do not destroy the look of your bike, but underline it with their high-quality and simple design.

Are you looking for a luggage solution where you don't need a carrier? Bagtec cases are high quality products with an attractive design. Practical, functional and safe, they are a loyal companion on your motorbike tours and offer enough storage space for your personal belongings. Last but not least Bagtec bags convince by their optimal price-performance ratio.