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Aluminium loading ramps for simple loading

Our motorcycle loading ramps make loading motorcycles and ATVs onto hangers, transporters or HGVs a much easier task. Despite their stable and intelligent construction, they are very lightweight. All our motorcycle loading ramps have been tested to offer you the highest possible level of safety. Most are foldable, which saves you time, storage space and simplifies transportation. With our loading ramps, a single person can load a motorcycle on their own. They are ideal for heavy loads and are made from high-quality materials, which make the transition from the ground to the transporter smoother, easier and safer. Loading a motorcycle is simplest with a metal guide rail. Our products have been carefully selected. Made from the highest quality materials, e.g. aluminium, they guarantee you additional safety and have a very long service life. However, you should take some precautions when loading in order to prevent accidents or damage to your bike.

Loading ramps for motorbikes are available in either steel or aluminium. However, an aluminium motorbike ramp has several advantages over the steel version. The main advantage of aluminium is its low weight. At the same time, aluminium has the advantage that the metal is very weather-resistant. You can therefore easily use your aluminium ramp for your motorbike in bad weather without affecting the longevity of the machine. The simple assembly of the aluminium ramps also allows you to load your motorbike quickly.

How to secure your motorbike after loading

Once your motorbike has been loaded onto the trailer, it's time to secure it for the journey. We recommend that you use one of our motorbike rockers, such as the Easy-Plus or the Easy Vario. These have a large contact surface to ensure a secure stand on a trailer. You can also secure your motorbike using lashing straps. Depending on the model, you will need to find the right attachment points. The fork bridge is particularly suitable for lashing. This protects your bike from falling over.

MOTEA offers numerous ramps for your motorbike. Thanks to the different widths and load capacities of the ramps, everyone is guaranteed to find the right motorbike ramp for their motorbike. We also offer a wide range of other accessories and spare parts in our online shop. From new levers and luggage to shock absorbers, you'll find everything you need for your motorbike.