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Motorbike Exhaust Set & Slip-On Sets should be bought at MOTEA

To buy a custom-fit stainless steel exhaust set, e.g. with heat protection band, from our large selection, it is best to save your bike in your My MOTEA account. Simply select your model and you will only be shown those exhausts with heat protection band that match your bike. So you are guaranteed to find the right muffler with the best price-performance ratio. Besides the sport exhaust & slip-ons brands like SHARK or Akrapovic, we also carry manufacturers like Craftride and Zaddox, who are specialised in custom bike exhausts.

Motorbike exhaust: The right sound is what counts

Loud roaring, muffled humming or deep rumbling. Actually a muffler serves to counteract the loud engine noise by its shape and the DB-Killer as a silencer. That's why many motorbike manufacturers use Relexions Exhaust, where the sound and exhaust gases pass through a chamber system and the sound loses its expression step by step. The compression in the sound chambers also creates enormous dynamic pressure and thus reduces the maximum power output. With the exhaust tuning of a sports exhaust you enjoy the art of the sound designers to modify sound waves. In absorption exhausts, the sound and exhaust gases are no longer forced through chambers, but are instead directed through a perforated pipe. The completely different racing, construction and design converts the sound energy into heat, so with a slip on exhaust the engine can breathe deeper and delivers noticeably more power.

Our screwdriver tip for motorbike exhaust accessories

When changing the exhaust system, always replace the gasket as well. If a rear silencer is really tight, they are usually stuck together due to age and corrosion and must then be slightly softened with rust remover when dismantling. Afterwards the old exhaust can be removed more easily with a twisting and pulling motion. Remains of the old material at the clamping point can be removed thoroughly with a steel brush, triangular scraper or sandpaper. When attaching the new gasket, push it on carefully without pressing or bending it, otherwise unwanted damage will occur. Also when fitting the new slip-on muffler, use the angle of the elbow pipe as a guide in order not to put unnecessary strain on the new seal.

The exhaust on a motorbike - What is allowed?

The complete exhaust system will be checked at the latest during the TÜV visit. Experienced inspectors search directly for the E-number. The E-number activates the homologation of the components and thus the suitability according to StVZO. If this is not available, there is no TÜV badge. If you are checked by the race management in road traffic without an E-number, this can lead to immediate shutdown and a warning or even a fine including points. Driving in road traffic with an exhaust without homologation also means that the vehicle's type approval expires. There are also modifications/tuning which can be done without ABE. So for example the exhaust heat protection band aka Heat Wrap. The exhaust tape looks optically attractive instead of the purple-blue discolouration at the manifold. A good heat protection tape has no problem with higher temperatures. The heat protection tape is wrapped around the manifold in tight radii and is a purely optical measure that has no influence on temperature, performance or driving characteristics.