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For more safety on roads. With bolt-on accessories especially, the question often arises whether the installation of the newly-acquired fixture is legal and in accordance with the Road Traffic Act (StVO.) Our aim is to ensure that all accessories in our range are pre-certified by the TÜV, and to provide you here with the opportunity to download ABE updates.

A general operating license, ABE, is a necessary component in the modification of safety-related components or modifications. In particular, alterations that change or interfere with driving behaviour, and changes to the motorcycle body, need a TÜV parts certificate or an ABE. If you do change your bike significantly with components that have not been pre-certified, you still have the option at your TÜV test to apply to register your alterations retroactively. This should if possible be done promptly after the work is done, as otherwise there is the chance of losing your license and therefore your insurance cover.


V-Trec brake lever and clutch lever ABE Download

As manufacturer of V-Trec brake and clutch levers, we want to satisfy the demands of our customers. In order to keep the procedure for lever replacement as simple as possible, download and print V-Trec instructions here. Our production line in the lever workshop and the material quality have been tested and certified by TÜV. The proper functioning of the lever for stated motorcycle models is guaranteed and additional tests are carried out in accordance with TÜV certification guidelines. Please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team for product-specific questions or comments on the correct fitting of V-Trec Motorcycle Levers.

To view and print the PDF documents you need Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer.



Marke Artikel Typ ABE Nr. Dokument
ConStands Centre stand HS 31621 Version2 (2022) 
V-Trec Brake- and Clutch Levers BKH 91299 Version6 (2016)
V-Trec Brake- and Clutch Levers BKH 91663

Version4 (2021)

GIVI All documents of the brand GIVI under: https://www.givi.co.uk/
PUIG All documents of the brand PUIG under: https://puig-deutschland.de/

For MOTEA safety is very important

In our product range you will always find a clear indication of the existence of an current operating license. Not all motorcycle parts and motorcycle accessories require a type approval. Feel free also to contact our customer services with your own questions. Carrying a copy when driving is mandatory and will save you a lot of trouble.

Our TIP: You can enter all the upcoming HU changes in one certificate. The additional costs incurred can be kept within limits, and you have the advantage of only needing to carry one document with you. (Stand: 18.09.2020)


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