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Waterproof motorbike backpacks - practical and ergonomic

Whether it's just the most important valuables or the clothes for your summer holiday, many motorcyclists face a challenge when it comes to luggage. There are many ways to stow your things. If you want to be flexible and don't want a motorbike case or saddlebags, a motorbike backpack is perfect for you.

How to find the right backpack for you

Your ideas and expectations of your motorbike backpack are as individual as you are. Which backpack is best for you therefore depends entirely on you. However, before you decide on a motorbike backpack, you should think about the following points:

  • Capacity, size and weight
  • Waterproofness and material
  • Type of strap / options for attaching to the bike
  • Compartments and attachment options for the motorbike helmet

Features such as the size, weight and capacity of a motorbike backpack are crucial when choosing a backpack. For example, if you only want to store your valuables safely, we recommend a motorbike tank bag. It is relatively small and has the advantage that you always have your valuables to hand. A motorbike rucksack with a large capacity is more practical for longer trips. If you want to go on holiday by motorbike in summer, you can use a set with different pieces of luggage. A rucksack is often sufficient for a weekend trip. Just as important as the size of your motorbike backpack is its appearance. For example, would you like a vintage motorbike backpack or would you prefer a motorbike backpack with a hard shell? MOTEA offers you a large selection of backpacks from brands such as Bagtecs and Craftride.

Waterproof motorbike backpacks with the best wearing comfort

Many motorbike backpacks not only offer you optimum storage space. Integrated reflectors also increase your safety on the road. After all, you should be clearly visible to other road users, especially in the dark. If you choose a hard-shell rucksack with neon yellow elements, for example, you are guaranteed to be seen even in poor weather conditions. Looks aren't everything. Everyone should be aware of this. Even with rucksacks, there are more important aspects than looks. A waterproof or water-repellent rucksack is particularly important if you are travelling a lot. Because nobody wants to arrive on holiday with wet clothes. Comfort is also important. Especially if you like travelling long distances, you should pay attention to the ergonomics of the backpack.

The waterproof motorbike backpacks in the MOTEA online shop are developed with particular care so that they meet your needs and fit your motorbike. The backpacks are made from durable and waterproof materials. They have shoulder straps and good back padding. This allows you to ride comfortably and relaxed even on fast rides. The waterproof motorbike backpacks have plenty of compartments to store your things well.For longer journeys, we recommend attaching a smartphone holder or sat nav to your motorbike. This way, you are guaranteed to find the right route to your destination.

You'll find exactly what you need in the MOTEA online shop

Motorbike backpacks are ergonomic and offer a high level of comfort at the same time. Only as extensive as necessary - another feature of modern luggage systems. Extremely durable material and robust, waterproof fasteners ensure high resilience and that your luggage arrives dry. You can find numerous waterproof motorbike backpacks in the MOTEA online shop. If you are not a backpack fan, you will also find numerous other luggage systems, such as top cases and rear bags.