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Choosing the right motorbike top case

The high-quality top cases from brand manufacturers Bagtecs and Craftride are ideal for everyday use as well as for longer motorbike or scooter tours. The cases are all made from robust, hard-wearing plastic and are completely waterproof. This guarantees the safe transport of your helmet and travelling accessories. No matter which shape or size you choose. At MOTEA, you always have the option of buying the top case directly with a matching adapter for the set.

What should I look out for when choosing a top case?

The first decisive factor when choosing a motorbike top case is the size. The motorbike top case should offer enough storage space for your luggage and at the same time not be too bulky. If you are only going on a day trip, for example, a case for your helmet is often sufficient. However, if you want to go on a longer trip, you should choose a case with a larger volume. The material of your top case is also important. High-quality material is particularly useful to ensure durability and weather resistance. Aluminium top cases, for example, are waterproof and can score points with their low weight. When buying, look out for continuous seals so that your case is absolutely waterproof and dustproof. It is particularly important to mount your top case correctly. Bagtecs cases are usually supplied with a universal mounting plate. This means you can mount the cases on almost any motorbike with just a few adjustments.

How fast can you ride with a top case?

The manufacturer Bagtecs specifies a maximum permissible speed of 130 km/h for riding a motorbike with a top case.

Our screwdriver tip

If you are riding with a full top case, the centre of gravity and weight shift will change. This can lead to a different riding experience. It is therefore essential to centre the motorbike top case as precisely as possible.

Stow your luggage safely with a Bagtecs top case

You will find numerous different top cases in the Bagtecs range. From a small scooter top case to large aluminium cases and top cases with a luggage grill, you'll find everything in the MOTEA online shop. Would you prefer a different luggage system? No problem, because Bagtecs has a wide selection and a solution for every requirement. The collection includes rear bags, saddlebags, side cases and much more. Thanks to the various sizes and different volumes, Bagtecs offers you the perfect selection of motorbike luggage. At the same time, you can combine different pieces of luggage using clip adapters.