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Sidecases - a smart transport solution

Our sidecases are durable and feature a functional design to improve your riding experience - and shape will match the lines of your bike perfectly. They are also shock- and stress-resistant. Our sidecases are made from high-quality materials. They have special attachment elements for increased stability, come with installation instructions and include a key to ensure additional security for your belongings. They are a must for anyone looking for new adventures on two wheels.

Every biker is familiar with the problem of finding space for luggage on that long-awaited tour. There are a wide range of options for transporting luggage. Ultimately, they depend on the length of the journey and your personal requirements. Sidecases and saddlebags are ideal ways to transport your belongings safely and securely on any trip. Sturdy aluminium sidecases are ideal if you’re going on an offroad tour. They protect your possessions from damage in accidents or if your bike falls over, as well as from weather and dirt.

Cases and luggage systems for your motorcycle

At MOTEA, we have the answer to any questions you may have about luggage. To equip you for your next trip, we offer you a wide range of sidecases and saddlebags for all typical motorcycle models in our online shop. Have a look at the range of products in if you need more storage space on your bike. We offer cases and saddlebags by various renowned manufacturers, including Craftride, Bagtecs, GIVI, and SW-Motech. Our range of products includes cases and case systems in a wide range of materials. Our products have features including separate inner bags, which make them easier to load and unload. They make organising your belongings easier and protect them from theft.