Crash Bars & Frame Protectors

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Crash Bars & Frame Protectors

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Motorcycle crash bars and frame protectors

Our motorcycle crash bars are easy to install. They match the design of your bike and improve the overall look. Before any of the products we stock are made, they are thoroughly tested by the manufacturers. The main purpose of the engine guard is to protect the frame, fuel tank and fairings from damage by absorbing the force of any impact. They are therefore also known as fairing protectors or engine guard bars. As well as protecting your bike, fairing protectors also give your motorcycle extra style. All our crash bars are made from high-quality, robust materials. They offer the ultimate in protection and fit your bike perfectly without you having to make any alterations to the fairings or frame. Our crash bars are model-specific and match the shape of your motorcycle. You can choose from brands such as GIVI, Fehling, SW-Motech and PUIG.

Crash bars: a sensible addition to your safety accessories

As mentioned above, crash bars fulfil both optical and practical purposes. Whether you’re looking for crash bars or crash pads, you’ll find the right product in our selection.

Minimise your risk of injury with our products

Not everyone is a fan of crash bars. Some people believe they spoil the look of their bikes. But let's be absolutely honest: crash bars make your motorcycle a real eye-catcher and protect it from damage at the same time. Just one accident that results in your bike falling over can cost a lot of money. If you don’t want your crash bars to be so obvious, you can simply choose smaller ones. You can, for example, choose to protect just the engine. At MOTEA, we have something for every taste. Order online and have your desired product delivered simply and conveniently to your house.