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Mounting Stand

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Motorcycle mounting stand for your daily use

ConStands set itself the goal of quality at fair prices as a manufacturer of motorcycle mounting stands. Anyone who has ever tried to work on a motorcycle knows that it can be very tiring and exhausting without any helpful equipment. ConStands offers the solution. With our individually developed mounting stands of many different kinds, even hobby mechanics will be able to work on their motorbikes easily and comfortably in the future, as well as carry out modifications and necessary repairs. We have the perfect suited mounting stands for your motorcycle. Whether Chopper, Harley Davidson, Dirtbikes or racing motorbikes, you will find the ideal motorcycle stand for your garage, workshop or even for the circuit. With our help, you will always have the necessary assembly stand by hand. Technically innovative solutions and high quality workmanship using the finest materials to create a solid stand, safety and comfort during the use and the necessary work with your assembly stand.

Always with the aim of creating high quality mounting stands for you and every possible situation that will meet all your needs and expectations, we are constantly developing our products to offer you and your motorcycle the best mounting stand to always exceed your expectations. The best of it ConStands products are available at an unbeatable price-performance. ConStands offers you one of the widest range of products in the market, thanks to the enormous product range. From motorcycle jacks to universal motorcycle lifts, mounting stands for front and rear, as well as central paddock stands and transport solutions, and a whole more. We offer you years of expertise and experience, as well as high-quality materials and perfect workmanship for your assembly stand at the best price.

Which mounting stand fits your motorcycle ideally?

We offer a wide selection of mounting stands for every type of motorcycle. You will find the perfect solution for your motorcycle by us. If you are not sure what kind of mounting stand you need for work, transport or modification, you can simply enter your bike in our bike finder and let it show you the right products for your bike. If you already have a detailed vision we will be happy to provide you with the necessary answer:

Benefits overview of the central paddock stand:

  • For easy and quick jacking up
  • Simple manoeuvring
  • Solid construction
  • Max. load capacity: 300kg
  • 17kg self-weight
  • Perfect for overwintering

*Suitable adapters for different motorcycle models can be ordered additionally.

Central Paddock Stand

The solution for circuit experts and at home

Our ConStands central paddock stands are very popular all over the world. A small price and easy handling gives you many advantages. Your motorcycle is easily and quickly jacked up with the POWER Evo and POWER Classic central paddock stands. The best thing about it - you can manage it all by yourself with the help of the ConStands POWER products! Simply attach the central paddock stand to the support of your motorcycle and jack your motorcycle with the hydraulic lever without any effort. You can now maneuver your motorbike exactly to the millimeter and get the job done quickly and easily.

High-quality materials, flawless workmanship and a solid construction ensure that your motorbike stands securely and quickly, on the circuit as well as in your garage. Thanks to this innovative construction of the central paddock stand, even hard-to-reach places can be repaired in no time at all. But that is not the only advantage of our central paddock stands. They completely relieve the shock absorbers and suspension struts of your motorbike, which makes the central paddock stand also perfect to overwintering your motorcycle. Learn now even more about the ConStands POWER Evo and POWER Classic here.

Motorcycle transport stands

Quick to hand with a solid, high-quality construction and huge stability, our assembly stands offer a range of transport solutions for tours in foreign countries and further afield. So, thanks to our motorbike mounting stands, you can always have your motorbike with you, even if you prefer to travel by car to your destination. The ConStands motorcycle wheel chock Easy Plus is our all-rounder when it comes to safe transport, for example. Our front stand can accommodate tyres with a maximum size of 21 inches and transport them safely on trailers. As if that were not enough, they are also the perfect place to park your bike at your destination. Whether in the showroom or on the car park, the wheel chock for your front wheel offers you a stable stand. We also offer the perfect accessories for our transport solutions, such as loading ramps and lashing straps for a safe transport of your motorcycle.

Motorcycle stand & lifter - for rear wheel

Our rear and front motorbike mounting stands are ideal for almost any kind of motorbikes. Whether used individually or in a cheaper economy set, the popular motorbike lifts are a huge help. With our enormous range of lifting products, ConStands offers you probably the largest selection of motorbike mounting stands for front and rear wheels. Our headset jack, for example, is perfect for carrying out work and assembly on your front wheel. The easy pick up via the steering head makes it possible to lift up your motorcycle within seconds and start the assembly. Combined with e.g. the basic rear stand, there is nothing to stand in the way of maintenance of your front wheel.

And of course we also offer you the solution for your rear wheel. A single swing arm as a rear wheel swing arm, which is fixed to its mounting bolt, in combination with a front mounting stand, ensures a stable stand for your motorbike and allows you to quickly fix your rear wheel. Suitable for all eventualities, our front and rear stands are sold and delivered with different adapters (L-support, V-support and adapter plates) depending on the model and also directly as a set, for the secure mounting of your motorbike.

Motorcycle jack for custom and off-road motorcycles

Our all-time favorite for choppers, Harley Davidson & Co. offers not only your Harley a safe stand. In the Motocross Variation it is the ideal base for your Enduro. With rubberised pads that protect your custom bike from scratches, equipped with wheels depending on the model, the ConStands jacks are the solution for jacking up, manoeuvring and overwintering. The classic motorcycle lifts for jacking up allows you to convert your custom bike without worries, in the hydraulic version the lift is perfectly suited for your Harley Davidson, chopper and custom bike. In addition, our lifts are perfectly suitable for use for overwintering. Depending on the model, we recommend e.g. for Harley Davidson, during the wintertime, an additional securing by motorcycle lashing straps.

But that's not all, the off-road version for supermoto and dirt bikes offers a scissor lift that will make your motocross heart beat faster in all aspects. A rubberised pad protects your offroad bike from unnecessary scratches. An easy access to the oil drain plug gives you a practical recess and with the hydraulic foot pedal your dirt bike can easily be lifted with the motorcycle lift. Even in rough terrain gives the ConStands scissor lift your Enduro a strong grip. High quality materials and an ideal finish, allows you to clean the cross scissor lift directly with water to remove unnecessary dirt.

Motorcycle dollys

Would you like to move your motorcycle from A to B? A snap for our motorcycle dolly and shunting aids. Without a lot of effort, they enable you to move your motorbike and manoeuvre it with millimetre precision, so there is nothing standing in your way of a overwintering in your garage or an exhibition in your showroom. Depending on the model, it is possible to park your motorbike on the rail with a central stand or side stand. If your motorbike should get out of the way during exhibition or overwintering, it can be easily moved and shifted in no time at all by using the shunting aids.

Accessories & Adapters

Are you looking for even more than just your mounting stand? ConStands offers you a huge selection of accessories of all kinds. Whether it's a tyre warmer to prepare for your ride or loading ramps and lashing straps to transport your bike safely. Our accessories offer everything you need for your motorcycle.


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