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Roll Bags for your motorbike

The biggest advantage of luggage rolls is the simple and uncomplicated fastening. Bagster, for example, usually supplies the necessary belts and straps at the same time. Although there is no model-specific fastening, but is universal, there is no need to compromise on accuracy of fit. Another advantage of motorbike roll bags is that, unlike a tank bag, you are not in the way and still have enough storage space to carry a lot of luggage.

Roll Bags offer flexible solutions

Motorbike luggage rolls are available in various designs. Some are attached to a steel rack, others to the passenger seat. Because no rigid materials such as plastic or aluminium are used, they offer a much more flexible solution. Due to their construction, sporty motorbikes in particular have no space to install a tank bag on the tank. Roll bags, which are usually mounted on the passenger seat, are particularly suitable for these types of motorbikes. But rollbags also offer the necessary storage space for motorcyclists who do not like to transport their luggage on the tank. Apart from their functional characteristics, Bagtecs bags are also visually convincing. With a simple and timeless design they fit seamlessly into the overall picture of many machines.

Bagster roll bags buy cheaply in our online shop

The MOTEA Online Shop offers you a wide range of motorbike roll bags. Just convince yourself of our wide range of products. Luggage rolls are a great alternative to the top case and are a good way to counteract space problems. Depending on the model, most luggage rollers are mounted on the pillion seat. Modern textiles and fibres make them virtually indestructible. Different volumes ensure that you will find the right bag for every purpose.