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The advantages of MOTEA motorcycle lifts

With the Constands motorcycle lifts, working on your motorcycle becomes a breeze. The elevated position of the motorcycle not only protects your back, but also the motorcycle itself, as the suspension and tires are significantly relieved. Due to the flexible height adjustment, the motorcycle can be perfectly adapted to you.

More comfortable work

With the Constands motorcycle lifts, your motorcycle can be adjusted between 10 cm and 40 cm height, depending on the motorcycle lift. Another advantage of the lift is that your motorcycle can stand on its own, so you can work on each side of the motorcycle without obstacles in the way. Because the Constands motorcycle lifts have at least 500 kg capacity, you can easily jack up even a Fat Boy with a full tank (about 400 kg or more).

Motorcycle storage

Due to the rollers on the motorcycle lifts, your motorcycle can also be easily maneuvered. This means that you do not have to work in your garage, you can also repair the motorcycle in front of the garage and then maneuver it back into the garage without removing it from the motorcycle lift.

What should you look for when buying a motorcycle lift?

How often do you use the motorcycle lift?

Do you regularly work on your motorcycle? If yes, then the purchase of a motorcycle lift is worthwhile. If you only work on your motorcycle from time to time, a motorcycle lift from Constands is still a good choice because they are also super suitable for wintering the motorcycle.

You should also have enough space in your garage to store the motorcycle with the motorcycle lift.

How much weight must your motorcycle lift can carry?

At MOTEA, the smallest motorcycle lifts have a load capacity of 400 kg. However, the unladen weight of the motorcycle must be taken into account, but also how full it is fueled and what accessories are attached. Such as bags, sissy bars, crash bars, etc.

Hydraulic motorcycle lifts facilitate work around the bike

Our high quality ConStands motorcycle lifts are designed under the highest quality standards so you will enjoy them for a long time. Our ConStands motorcycle lifts are solid and durable and made of high-quality materials. You can easily lift your motorcycle with these lifts for cleaning, maintenance, repairs and other work. There are very different designs, they are suitable for many motorcycle models, they are customizable, their massive and excellent structure ensures higher safety. The motorcycle jacks are very durable, can be used with very little effort thanks to the hydraulics and can be used for many years and for many types of motorcycles. Anyone who has ever repaired or serviced his motorcycle knows how exhausting this work can be. The ConStands motorcycle lifts and the motorcycle maneuvering aid in our online store offer a welcome work relief here. Thanks to the hydraulic system, one person can effortlessly jack up the motorcycle. The robust workmanship of our products promises additional safety.

Save your strength with our ConStands lifting platforms

Every biker likes to work on his motorcycle. However, working for hours in a squatting position can be quite strenuous and stressful for muscles, joints and especially the back. This is where our lifting platforms come to the rescue. We carry various types of assembly stands. Perhaps you are now wondering what you should pay particular attention to when buying a motorcycle lift.