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Safety accessories

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Safety accessories, roadside assistance and emergency equipment for more safety.

The adrenaline rush of riding your motorcycle is incomparable. When you're at one with your machine and you're skilled at every turn, every biker's heart beats faster. But unfortunately, this hobby also brings with it a high risk of injury and accidents due to the high speeds and low protection. Hard-wearing motorcycle clothing and a well-chosen helmet, as well as protective clothing such as high-visibility- and airbag-vests, provide you with optimum protection against an accident. In the event of a crash, MOTEA offers you a range of protective equipment, safety accessories, emergency equipment and breakdown kits so that you can quickly get back on your bike after a crash. So you are well equipped for your next tour and arrive safely at your destination.


Prevent accidents and increase your visibility with a high-visibility vest

Even though it is not compulsory in Germany, we recommend that you always carry a safety waistcoat that complies with the European EN ISO 20471:213 standard in your motorcycle luggage. This way, you can safely make trips to European countries such as Belgium, France or Luxembourg without incurring hefty fines. In these and other neighbouring countries, carrying an appropriate high-visibility waistcoat is compulsory!

Of course, it's even better if you not only have your high-visibility- vest with you, but also wear it while driving. Lightweight models with simple fasteners and additional reflective details are comfortable to wear over your motorcycle clothing and ensure that you will not be overlooked even in poor visibility and in the dark.


Take quick action in the event of a breakdown so that you can continue to ride quickly

Whether it's an accident or a defect on your bike - a breakdown disrupts every motorcycle tour. With the right emergency equipment, you can quickly get your motorcycle back on the road and get on with the repair work at home. We recommend that you take the following with you in your luggage: a tyre repair kit, a mini motorcycle jack if necessary and smaller spare parts such as screws and cable ties. You can find these and other helpful products here. If you are injured in a fall or have to help another road user in an emergency, it is advisable to have a first aid kit with you. With it, you are well equipped for any emergency and can plan your next ride on your motorcycle with a clear conscience.