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Workshop accessories

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Workshop accessories - the best equipment for all hobby and professional mechanics.

Keeping a motorcycle in good condition means a lot of work. Whether it's replacing 

wear parts, maintenance work or even a conversion on the machine - with a well-stocked garage, wrenching on your bike becomes a pleasure. For repairs that need to be done, you'll find numerous helpful tools and other accessories for your workshop, as well as practical on-board tools that should never be missing on a longer tour. Whether it's a modification or the maintenance of your motorcycle that's next, you're sure to find a suitable tool or aid here. Of course, you need some experience and the necessary know-how to be able to carry out even complex work such as changing oil or tyres or even replacing parts yourself. However, you will expand your skills and get to know your bike even better. Not only will you save money, but you will soon be able to repair your motorcycle yourself and enjoy it for a long time.


With a good set of motorcycle tools, your next repair is as good as done.

There is nothing worse than disorder in the workshop. How can you work if you can't even find the tools you need? For this purpose, we offer smaller and larger tool sets for perfect order, but also individual parts with which you can put together your own personal assortment. At MOTEA you will find hand tools such as ratchet spanners, socket sets, various pliers, torque spanners and much more to get your motorcycle ready for the next tour. In addition, you will find other auxiliary tools for tyre fitting. These include tools for balancing, valves, compressors and tyre pressure gauges. With these you can ensure that your motorcycle tyres are optimally prepared for the next ride or change your worn tyres easily yourself. Other products such as oil drip pans, garage mats and our tried and tested Paddock Stands from ConStands are the perfect addition to your garage.


Don't let breakdowns slow you down on your motorcycle ride!

The sun is shining, your motorcycle is in top condition, the route is planned, the tank is full and you just want to get on the road. And then comes the nightmare of every biker - a breakdown. We have small tool sets for just this case. These contain must-have on-board tools that you can use to repair your bike on the road. Thanks to their compact size, these little helpers will fit into any package. For serious cases, MOTEA also offers you a selection of emergency equipment such as first-aid bags, protective clothing, airbag- and high-visibility-vests. In our shop, we make sure that you and your motorcycle are well equipped for any situation, whether at home or on the road.