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Tank Cover

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Tank protection

Your fuel tank and especially its paintwork is exposed to significant stress. The zips on your clothes constantly scrape against the tank. It’s also susceptible to scratches through everyday use and damage from being hit by stones, insects and bird droppings. It’s only a matter of time before the method of attaching the tank bag - whether it uses magnets or straps - leads to dull surfaces or damage to the paintwork.

Bagster tank protectors can prevent such damage and ensure that your tank looks brand new for years. As well as the protective function, tank protectors are also the basis for Bagster tank bags and their Quick-Lock attachment systems. These tank protectors are made from durable PVC and feature a high-quality, artificial grain-leather look. They are also very durable and easy to clean. Precise matching to your tank’s paintwork ensures a seamless fit with the overall look of your bike. Attaching and removing the protectors is a breeze and takes just a few seconds, so you can remove them for short trips and reattach them for longer journeys.

Buying tank protectors online

Motorcycle tank protectors are one of the best motorcycle accessories that exist and are an absolute must-have. They make it possible to protect your delicate tank from scratches and UV-bleaching of the paintwork. They are extremely robust and prevent contamination from dirt and from being struck by other objects. They can be attached within a few minutes and improve the look of your bike immediately. You’re sure to find the right product here. We also offer fantastic motorcycle backpacks and tank caps. You’ll be impressed by our fantastic range of products.