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Camping & Outdoor

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Camping with the motorbike

You want to start the next tour and go on another great adventure? Or do you want to experience an indescribable camping adventure with your motorbike for several days in the most beautiful places? That sounds like freedom.

But you don't have the right equipment for your trip. That's no problem, MOTEA has just the right thing for you and your motorbike.

Tents, tables & chairs, sun protection/canopy, sleeping bags & camping mats

Camping shower/cabin, Small parts & accessories Ideas

Camping & Outdoor

Two things that fit together perfectly. Who hasn't wanted to visit the most beautiful places with their motorbike and camp there, experience freedom and enjoy it to the fullest? MOTEA has just the right range for you. From the camping chair to the perfect air mattress to the matching tent.

Tents & Sleeping Bag Assortments

For the perfect motorbike trip, the tent and the matching accessories are of course indispensable. At MOTEA, we have everything for you, from tunnel tents with motorbike parking space to Tourtecs dome tents with automatic pitching function. So that you don't have to freeze at night, the right sleeping bag should not be missing.

For a good night's sleep, you should also have the right sleeping pad and sleeping bag. From simple foldable sleeping pads to comfortable air mattresses, you will find everything for your tour.

Camping Tables & Chairs

You want to take a break after a long ride and don't just want to stand next to your motorbike or sit on the ground? MOTEA has just the thing for you. The foldable camping tables that can be set up and taken down quickly and easily are the perfect solution, and there are also super comfortable chairs. From small three-legged stools to folding chairs and super cosy folding armchairs, MOTEA has just the right thing for you.
So that you can also eat comfortably, there is the camping table chair set from Tourtecs or the compatible easy-folding mini camping table.

Small parts & accessories

To ensure that you are well equipped for every situation on your tour, you need the right gadgets. MOTEA offers you a wide range, from camping showers with matching shower tents to sun sails.