BMW F 750 GS

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BMW F 750 GS

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The BMW F 750 GS is a mid-range motorbike of the all-round enduro type from the BMW brand. The model was introduced in 2018 as the successor to the BMW F 700 GS and is part of the BMW GS family.


What does a BMW F 750 GS cost?

Were the basic versions of the new F 750 GS previously available from 9,450 euros.



The original G/S is still written in slashes and the abbreviation stands for Terrain/Sport. Over time, it became GS, short for Terrain and Road. The BMW machine has always retained its image of being an onroad and offroad friend, even with increasingly road-oriented profiles


Where is the BMW F 750 GS built?

At the BMW motorbike plant in Spandau - but the start of series production was not without problems: recalls, production interruptions and resulting delivery delays characterised 2018, the start-up year of the dual system consisting of the F 750 GS and F 850 GS.