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Motorbike tarpaulins offer protection when parked

Not everyone has the opportunity to park their motorbike in a garage. However, weather influences such as rain, wind or snow can have damaging effects on your bike. Rust and scratches are just two of the problems that can arise. This makes it all the more important to protect your bike from external influences. A motorbike cover is the perfect solution if you have little space and no garage available for your bike. But it is not only useful to protect your bike with a tarpaulin when it is outside. There are also factors in the garage, such as dust and dirt, which can cause scratches or similar. So when buying a tarpaulin for your motorbike, make sure you know whether it is intended for indoors or outdoors. For example, combine a motorbike lift or a motorbike rocker with a cover to prepare your motorbike perfectly for the winter break.

Finding the right motorbike cover

There are different ways to protect your motorbike from external influences when it is not in use. Which motorbike cover is right for you and your bike depends entirely on you and your ideas.

Motorbike tarpaulins

A motorbike tarpaulin is particularly practical as you can simply fold it up and take it with you wherever you go. This can be very practical, especially if you are travelling a lot. Tarpaulins are available in various designs. Which motorbike tarpaulin is right for you depends, for example, on whether you keep your motorbike indoors or outdoors. A winter-proof tarpaulin is recommended for outdoors, whereas a breathable tarpaulin is better for indoors. You can find numerous different tarpaulins here. From winter-proof tarpaulins to breathable tarpaulins from manufacturers such as Craftride and Tourtecs.

Motorbike tent garage

A motorbike tent garage offers you protection from the weather and moisture. Especially if you only want to use the cover at home, a tent garage is a good option for you. It is set up once and you only have to slide your bike inside afterwards. One advantage of a tent garage is that the fabric does not lie on the motorbike and does not cause any scratches.

What characterises a good motorbike cover

Motorbike tarpaulins are available in many different designs. Some are only suitable for indoor use, while others can also be used outdoors without any problems. An outdoor motorbike cover protects your bike from wind and weather. When selecting a suitable motorbike cover, you should not always choose the cheapest model. Even inexpensive products offer sufficient protection against moisture. However, these cheap folding covers often have a very rough outer material, which acts like sandpaper on the motorbike's paintwork and can cause lasting damage to the bike's paintwork. Therefore, when buying, make sure the inner surface is gentle on the paintwork. Likewise, many cheap motorbike tarpaulins are not suitable for use in winter. To ensure that a motorbike tarpaulin protects your bike optimally, you should consider the following factors:

- The size: In the MOTEA online shop, tarpaulins are available in different sizes and designs. Pay attention to the exact dimensions of the motorbike tarpaulin so that your bike is completely covered. Your tarpaulin should not be too big so that it does not flap and scratch your paintwork.

- The material: Depending on the use of your cover, make sure it is waterproof. Synthetic fibres in particular are waterproof and are recommended for outdoor or winter use. It can also be useful if your motorbike cover is breathable to prevent condensation from forming.

- The fastening: Especially if you leave your motorbike outside, you should pay attention to special straps and elastic bands. Otherwise, the motorbike cover can slip quickly.

- The lock: If you leave your motorbike outside, it may make sense to fit the cover with a lock. Some motorbike tarpaulins have a lock hole with a sealing ring for this purpose.

How to use a tarpaulin correctly

Before you put your bike under a motorbike cover for the winter, you should always give your bike a complete clean. Dust and dirt can act like a wire brush for the paintwork when combined with the tarpaulin on the motorbike. Especially in gusts of wind, the motorbike tarpaulin is moved and rubs the dirt over the paintwork. So make sure your bike is clean and dust-free before you cover it for the winter. Condensation can also cause considerable damage to your motorbike. To prevent condensation from forming under the motorbike cover, you should always keep a distance of around 5 cm from the ground. We recommend removing the tarpaulin for a short time on dry days so that the motorbike can dry on its own. It goes without saying that only completely dry machines should be put back under the cover. Even freshly moved machines do not belong in a folding garage. The heat from the exhaust can cause condensation under the tarpaulin.

Order custom-fit bike covers in the MOTEA online shop

We offer a wide range of waterproof tarpaulins from brands such as Craftride and Tourtecs in our online shop. A precise fit is particularly important here to prevent the tarpaulin from having too much play and possibly tearing. You can easily order your new motorbike tarpaulin online. Our model finder makes shopping particularly easy. Simply enter the manufacturer, type and year of manufacture of your machine and our system will show you the right tarpaulin for your motorbike.