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Paddock Stand Rear

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ConStands rear wheel lifters make possible to complete complex work on your motorcycle quickly and safely

Using a conventional rear wheel lifter can sometimes be a little difficult. You need to hold the motorcycle steady and operate the lifter at the same time. Luckily, our ConStands rear wheel lifters our far better than these devices. They make working on your motorcycle a breeze. The advantage of our rear wheel lifters over our competitors’ products is that they feature a far sturdier construction. The robust construction of ConStands rear wheel lifters makes them far more durable and they will provide many years of enjoyment.

Lifters are a must-have for any motorcycle owner, as it makes sense to lift the rear wheel of your motorcycle for maintenance and repairs as well as for changing tyres and oil. Our ConStands lifters are very useful as they provide support during all the work you do on your bike. The construction of the rear wheel lifter and the extremely robust rollers make it easy to lift your bike carefully and to keep it upright. They prevent the bike from falling over and allow you to work on all parts of your motorcycle quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re looking for rear wheel lifters, front wheel lifters or central stands, we have the right product for you here at MOTEA

You can find a wide range of mounting stands on our website. Have a look and find the best ConStands rear wheel lifter for you. All our products are designed for a long service life and represent increased safety. They make lifting your rear wheel easy and allow simple access to your bike for maintenance and repairs. They also ensure your motorcycle is stable, which ensures that working on and around your bike is made fundamentally safer. Our products make cleaning, changing tyres, lubricating the chain and other service work on your bike a breeze.