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GIVI- Branded products with quality from Italy

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As one of the largest suppliers of motorcycle accessories, GIVI has become an established brand worldwide since its foundation in 1978. The know-how acquired over the years, the passion for motor sport and the use of the latest technologies have allowed GIVI to gain worldwide recognition as a brand among two-wheelers. GIVI was founded by Guiseppe Visenzi in Brescia, northern Italy, and today has a total of 500 employees who put their passion into GIVI products every day in production plants in Italy, Europe and America. This shared passion and vision of all those involved shapes the company and its culture from day one to the present day.

What does Givi stand for?

The quality concept developed by GIVI is characterised by clear characteristics. It includes passion, innovation and responsibility. Based on years of expertise, qualitative products "made in Italy" are developed, produced and distributed. GIVI has one priority: the safety of motorcyclists. Through new technological solutions, high functionality and reliability, as well as careful attention to the details of the products, GIVI develops state-of-the-art protection systems. These systems are designed to promise motorcyclists a high level of safety in the use of their products.

Moreover, by using the latest technologies, the GIVI brand not only creates modernity, but also constantly adapts to changing riders' habits. In this way GIVI is able to meet the needs and desires of motorcyclists with sensitivity. These needs can then be incorporated into product development. In this way GIVI aims to give its customers security, experiences and emotions and to intensify them.

Givi by Motea

As a globally recognized brand for motorcycle accessories with excellent customer reviews, we at MOTEA also trust in GIVI products. Therefore, a wide range of GIVI products, such as various motorcycle cases, can be found in our online shop. Bicyclists, for whom riding is a true passion, will find everything their heart desires. 

The GIVI assortment at MOTEA ranges from the smallest accessories for the motorbike to high-quality luggage items such as panniers, side cases and top cases. Among the motorbike panniers, the GIVI brand side panniers are of particular interest to touring riders. They allow luggage to be easily and comfortably attached to the sides of the frame. Such side cases are available in different colours, sizes and shapes and for various motorcycle models. So there is the right motorcycle suitcase for everyone. In addition, the motorcycle cases are characterized by the MONOKEY® fastening system. This MONOKEY® system, patented by GIVI, promises continuous quality that can withstand the most severe stresses. Thus, the GIVI Monokey case does not only trump with design, but also with safety.

Are there motorcycle cases for Enduros?

GIVI motorcycle cases are also available for Enduro riders. These are mostly cases made of aluminium. This is for the simple reason that aluminium cases are more resistant to breakage and scratches if they are hit by stones or similar impacts while riding. Such cases allow enduro riders to carry their luggage just as comfortably on their bike.

What is a top case?

Another large product segment of GIVI are the motorcycle top cases. Top cases for the motorcycle are transport containers in which you can store your luggage. Unlike other cases and bags, they are not mounted on the side of the motorcycle, but on the luggage rack. Topcases are also available in different colours and sizes. Depending on their volume, even two motorcycle helmets can be stowed in them. There are also aluminium topcases which are particularly robust, waterproof and durable. In addition, all top case models can also be closed. So you can protect the contents from theft.

Why won't the topcase open?

There are several reasons why a topcase cannot be opened. A well-known phenomenon, which also car drivers know from winter, is the iced lock. If the lock of the top case is frozen due to low temperatures, it may not be possible to open it for a short time. Another reason can be a locked top case. As practical as lockable topcases are for protection against theft, the lock can quickly become an obstacle. For example, GIVI's V56 series can be locked without a key. If you have left the key in the topcase itself by mistake, you will not be able to open it. In such cases there is a number on the lock cylinder which you can give to GIVI to request a new key.

Whether motorcycle cases, cases with MONOKEY®, tank bags or the smallest motorcycle accessories - GIVI's products combine well thought-out functions, the most modern technologies and high quality workmanship "made in Italy" with a good price-performance ratio.
Are you looking for new accessories for your motorcycle? GIVI products with Italian quality will equip you and your bike in the best way. In our MOTEA online shop you will find numerous articles that you can have delivered directly to your home in comfort and safety.