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With the right motorcycle helmet, take the first step to the optimal equipment

The motorcycle helmet carries the important task of protecting the most important part of your body, namely your head. Therefore, the right choice is especially important here. There are several criteria to consider when choosing the perfect motorcycle helmet. Quality workmanship for maximum safety, the perfect fit for optimum protection and the design of the helmet can also be decisive factors in the purchase of a new helmet. Which helmet to choose depends on the individual biker, his riding type and the shape of his head. Thus, the preferences and requirements for a perfect helmet can differ significantly from biker to biker.

Jet helmet, full face helmet, flip-up helmet & Co.

In order to be able to offer the right helmet for every type of rider, the range of different products in this area is almost infinite. From the jet helmet, full-face helmet, flip-up helmet to the cross or enduro helmet, there is a multitude of different helmet types. Full-face helmets, for example, offer ideal protection especially for sporty drivers. They are light in weight and thus protect the neck of the motorcyclist. At the same time the full-face helmet convinces with effective shock absorption, a streamlined shape and a low noise level even at high speeds.

If you want to rely on even more comfort and flexibility on your long motorcycle tours, a flip-up helmet (modular helmet) is the best choice. Flip-up helmets are the perfect middle way to combine safety and wearing comfort. Unlike conventional helmets with a fixed chin section, flip-up helmets allow you to flexibly fold the lower part of the helmet up and down. This means that you are absolutely flexible and communicative during short stops.

Jet helmets are suitable for motorcyclists who rely on total freedom of movement and looks on their rides. They are open in their form and support the pure driving feeling with their light helmet shell. Such jet helmets are therefore best suited as moped or scooter helmets or for café racers who want to cruise around comfortably and at low speed. For those who want to combine comfort and retro design, the jet helmet is the perfect new companion.

In addition to the conventional motorcycle helmets, which are suitable for normal road traffic, there is also a range of motocross and enduro helmets. They are indispensable on any cross-country track and are an absolute must-have for every motocross or enduro rider when it comes to motorcycle clothing. Cross helmets are usually produced without visor. Therefore it is very important to check if a suitable visor is included with your new helmet or if it has to be bought separately. Such helmets for the cross track are particularly characterised by their maximum fresh air supply, which is a clear advantage on the race track. In addition, the models have an especially pointed chin area to protect your entire head area and face.

Find the right helmet type

The large selection of different helmet types does not necessarily make it easy to find the perfect individual helmet. Regardless of which model you choose later, whether jet helmet, flip-up helmet or full-face helmet, you should make sure that you get a good quality helmet when buying your new motorcycle helmet. High-quality workmanship is essential for your optimal protection. However, good motorcycle helmets are available in almost all price ranges. However, the focus of your choice should always be on the safety and protection of your head.

Maximum protection depends on the clean workmanship of high-quality materials and the perfect fit of the helmet. The right fit depends on your individual head shape and can therefore vary from rider to rider. The perfect helmet gives your head a firm and secure hold, but at the same time does not fit too tight. If two fingers fit between the helmet and your head, try a smaller size. Over time, the lining will give way more and more as you wear the helmet. This means that helmets are tight at the beginning and will adjust over time. Therefore it is not advisable to buy a helmet that looks a little loose at the beginning. However, the helmet should not fit so tightly that it is painful. To be on the safe side, you can put a measuring tape 1 cm above the ear at the widest part of your head and measure your individual head circumference. You can then see which size corresponds to your individual value from the following table:

Helmet sizes

Check the correct fit:

Shake your head with your helmet on and your chinstrap fastened. The helmet should not move independently of your head. The helmet lining and cheek pads should lie directly against your skin. When shaking your head, the skin on your face should move with the helmet.
With the helmet on and the chinstrap fastened, place one hand on the back of your head. Press the helmet forward and the head backwards. With the other hand try to reach between the forehead and the lining sitting there. If you can slide a finger there, the helmet is too big.
Press the helmet upwards by the chinstrap. If the helmet can be lifted with the chin-strap fastened, it is too big. It should also not be possible to lift the helmet at the back.
Once you have found the ideal size for you, you can concentrate on other criteria. These can be, for example, a comfortable chin strap, the weight of the helmet or its design. But the lining also plays an important role, especially for people who wear glasses. Wearers of glasses should always make sure that the temples of their glasses do not press on the temples and thus interfere during the ride. Even these small factors considerably reduce the driving pleasure. If you want to go for a ride on your bike, you naturally hope for the best weather. So that you have ideal visibility even in bright sunshine, motorcycle helmets with sun visors are particularly practical. You can usually fold this sun visor up and down flexibly. Furthermore, we recommend that you pay attention to the ECE standard when buying a new motorcycle helmet. Helmets must be manufactured in accordance with the ECE 22-05 regulation to be considered safe, even if this is not mandatory.

XGP - Motorcycle helmets with quality, safety & design

In our MOTEA online shop you can now find our brand new brand "XGP". Based on years of expertise in the motorcycle industry, we have developed a brand especially for you that covers the world of motorcycle helmets. With our assortment of helmets, we offer you models that are characterized by their fair price-performance ratio and convince with protection, safety and design. Our "XGP" helmets are available for everyone in the right size and price category. With our helmets you are not only in an accident optimally protected. With their high wearing comfort, pleasant lining, comfortable chin straps and foldable sun visors, they allow you to ride your bike in comfort. At the same time, our XGP helmets are particularly convincing due to their low weight. This makes them the ideal companion with a high degree of wearing comfort.

So the perfect motorcycle trip with best protection for your head depends on the right motorcycle helmet. Only those who wear the right helmet can enjoy the absolute feeling of freedom on the bike. Protection and wearing comfort therefore go hand in hand in our motorcycle helmets. Quality workmanship and the right fit can also save your life in the event of an accident. That's why the motorcycle helmet is an elementary part of your motorcycle equipment, which every rider should take great care of. Of course, besides safety, protection and comfort, design also plays a decisive role. The look of the helmet should suit your taste and match the rest of your equipment or machine. That's why there is also a wide range of different helmets in terms of design, from the classic motorcycle helmet in matt black to the unusual, colourful helmet.

A little tip from us for you: We are constantly working on our new brand "XGP" and develop new products based on our customers' wishes to offer you the widest possible online range of motorcycle helmets in our shop. Therefore we advise you to visit us regularly and let us surprise you with the new products and offers you can expect on your next visit to the MOTEA online shop.