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ConStands builds assembly stands for daily use

As a manufacturer of motorcycle assembly stands, ConStand's goal is quality at fair prices. The products of the ConStands family stand out from similar products on the market due to their comparatively low price and high quality. In addition to high-quality workmanship and low prices, ConStands offers you a wide range of motorbike stands suitable for your bike, whether BMW, Honda, Yamaha or another bike brand.

Which Paddock / which Mounting Stand?

Which stand is the right one for you and your motorbike depends entirely on your application. That's why, in addition to mounting stands for the front and rear wheels, we also offer central stands, motorbike rocker stands, transport stands, (hydraulic) lift stands and motorbike manoeuvring aids.

However, to ensure that your ConStands motorbike stand or jack is stable during use, many of our products are suitable for several motorbike models. For model-specific products, you will receive the appropriate adapter with your delivery. So you can safely use your new stand. You want to be sure to order the right motorcycle stand from us? We will be happy to advise you by telephone or e-mail.

The Power central stand is becoming more and more popular.

An absolute favourite of the ConStands product family is the central stand. It is available in our online shop in the versions "ConStands Power-Classic" and "ConStands Power-Evo". The former is, as the name suggests, the classic version of the ConStands central stand. With the "Power-Evo" you are offered a further development of this product, which is also suitable for lowered chassis and has a safety mechanism as well as an intelligent lever system with increased leverage. The biggest advantage of ConStands central stands is that they can be operated without any further assistance. This makes both ConStands Power central stands ideal for stable and effortless jacking up of your motorcycle.

When jacked up, the shock absorbers and spring elements of your machine are completely relieved. The chain, swingarm and the front and rear wheels are also freely accessible from all sides. This makes the motorcycle jack a practical part for your garage, so that you can work more comfortably on your bike. It can also be used for major repairs, such as replacing oil seals or replacing and cleaning the central strut. The secure stand that your motorcycle has on the stand means you can also use ConStands Power for winter storage.

Which Central stand fit on your motorbike?

The ConStands central stands are already available for many different models. In our shop you can choose in the product selection or with the bike finder the suitable central stand, suitable for your motorbike model, and put it in the shopping cart. If you need help with this, we will be happy to advise you.

Motorcycle Jack & Hydraulic Lift for Chopper and Big Bikes

Compact lifting platforms for the home workshop are also represented in the ConStands stand range. Available in different sizes, they are suitable for all choppers and motorbikes with double tube frames. Please note the maximum load indicated by us. Easy-running castors and integrated hydraulics make it possible to lift the complete motorcycle easily and safely using a foot pump. Since motocross machines and enduros are usually placed higher, we have specially designed hydraulic lifts. The ConStands lifting platforms can also be used in the motorcross sector.

Once jacked up, you can manoeuvre your machine with the motorcycle jack in the tightest of spaces. The complete relief of the spring elements when jacked up makes wintering possible with the ConStands lifting platforms.

Mounting stands, motorcycle dollys and rockers for easy jacking up and safe transport

In order to cover all applications, ConStand's product portfolio also includes conventional motorbike paddock stands for the front and rear wheel. The latter can also be purchased in combination with a suitable front head jack directly in the stand set. These mounting stands help you to mount the front or rear tyres of your motorcycle quickly and easily. This allows you to better repair, clean and maintain the front and rear wheels.

If you don't need the Motorcycle Mounting Stand for working on your bike, but for manoeuvring or transport, the ConStands motorcycle dolly and Motorcycle Rocker are suitable. Here, too, emphasis is placed on the clean processing of the products in order to guarantee quality and safety. In addition, ConStands is always working on the development of already available as well as new motorcycle dollys. In this way we want to be able to meet the needs and wishes of our customers in the best possible way. This and our years of expertise ensure that more and more motorcyclists trust the ConStands brand. For a comparable price of used articles, you get products with quality and high-quality workmanship here.

Do you also need new parts for your home workshop, garage or race track? Then have a look at our MOTEA Online-Shop. In the large assortment you will surely also find products that underline your passion for motorcycles.

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